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As the end of the semester nears, these tips will help you stay on track and be a healthy knight!

Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, be aware of situations that add to stressful feelings, and ways to intentionally manage your stress in a healthy way.

It’s spring time! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and stress is in the air. That’s what spring looks like on campus! With just a couple more weeks until the end of the semester students are starting to feel nervous!

Some stress is good, that nervousness you feel before a big event can actually help you to do your best. On the other hand reacting to every event in an anxious way can cause chronic stress where your body adapts to reacting continuously in a “Fight or Flight” mode. When this happens it might feel like even the little annoyances of daily life are overwhelmingly stressful. So where ever you are on the stress spectrum here are some key tips to manage the stress in a healthy way.

First, recognize the signs and symptoms of stress. Everyone reacts to stress differently so it helps to be aware of how stress looks and feels to you and then intervene with healthy stress management tips.

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