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Student Accessibility Services
The why, what and how to access documents that are needed (by all) in an ever-changing digital world.

This interactive workshop explains the basics of accessibility. This discussion begins with addressing the reason behind creating accessible materials (not just the boring legal issues). The workshop will examine the key components of different material formats. Participant will learn about the needs of those who benefit from accessible materials. A demonstration will be given to explore the assistive technology tools used by individuals. Finally, UCF employees will be provided with resources and a list of tips on what can be done to make sure materials are accessible. Register Now for SDES06!


  • Understanding Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Diverse populations
  • Digital needs for mobile technology


  • What is a Tagged PDFs vs. untagged PDFs
  • Understanding alt text on an image
  • Understanding closed captioning on a video
  • Understanding accessible and inaccessible Web sites
  • Understanding tools learners with blind or low vision use
  • Understanding tools learners with physical impairments use
  • Understanding tools learners with a learning disability use


  • Checking your course materials for accessibility (brief)
  • Checking your email, flyers and marketing for accessibility
  • Understanding closed captioning on a video
  • Checking your survey for accessibility
  • Built-in web/software tools available
  • Resources and tips for reference