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Student Development and Enrollment Services
Addresses Concerns Surrounding Collegiate Male Achievement

Success in the 21st Century for collegiate males attending the University of Central Florida looks very similar to other colleges and universities across the country. Male students are simply not graduating at the same rate as their female counter parts nationwide.

The Multicultural Academic and Support Services office had a very unique opportunity to address the concerns surrounding male college achievement by defining and supporting efforts which support positive educational outcomes for the collegiate male in Institutions of Higher Education.

The National Male Student Success Conference was held at UCF on February 2-4, 2017. The conference theme this year was Creating 21st Century Pathways to Male Success. The conference was intentionally designed to engage participants on the following five design principles:

1. Motivating and inspiring first generation males towards educational achievement;
2. Identifying pathways to academic success for male students;
3. Creating a framework for a college-going, college-staying and college graduating culture;
4. Exploring and resolving underlying cultural and campus related issues which impede the educational achievement of males;
5. Building community partnerships with state colleges, state universities, community-based organizations and community stakeholders.

This year’s conference was inspiring and motivating for all attendees. A participant stated, “The speaker articulated the importance of wellness and connected it to success in a way that I was not introduced to before. The speaker was completely inspiring, incredibly enthusiastic, motivational and heartfelt.”

Conference attendees and presenters included professionals and students from UCF, Valdosta State University, Purdue University, Tusculum College, Seton Hall University, and Orange County Public Schools.