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Student Development and Enrollment Services
Stress Relief with Therapy Dogs

Students were invited to take a break from the demands of the semester, and stop by Counseling and Psychological Services to play with fun, friendly therapy dogs. It is known that the human-animal bond can relieve stress, anxiety and depression, as well as improve mood. Furthermore, this event is intended to increase visibility/accessibility of CAPS on campus and decrease the stigma of mental health services.

In addition to CAPS’ therapy dog, Bodhi, four certified therapy dogs were available through collaboration with volunteers in the local community. The event attracted 81 participants.

Survey Results: 62 responded
• 58% of respondents had never been to CAPS.
• 81% were not current clients
• 95.2% of respondents said that after attending this event, they would be more likely to utilize CAPS services, if needed
• 100% of respondents stated that attending this event was an overall positive experience

As a result of this activity…
1. I feel less stress | 93.5% agreed or strongly agreed
2. I feel more energized | 92% agreed or strongly agreed
3. My mood and overall wellbeing was positively impacted | 98.4% agreed or strongly agreed

Comments included:
“I love this so much. Completely made my day!”
“So great!! Made my day!”
“I love it! More dog events please.”
“This is a fantastic program.”
“I love that you guys do animal therapy.”