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Student Development and Enrollment Services
Record Attendance at Employee Event

The 4th Annual SDES INstitute had record numbers of attendees this year with some tremendous sessions and posters. One poster and one session were each highlighted winners after a popular vote from attendees. The Best In Print Award is for the display at the poster session which best communicated its information. Fresh U by Jonathan Carr won the Best In Print Award for a stunning display about the greens grown on campus that included bags of fresh herbs given out directly to attendees. The Buzzworthy Award is the session that was identified as the session that will be most talked about with colleagues and the votes were overwhelming for Inside Out? Finding Joy by Anna-Bradley Lozier & Stephanie Hartkopf. Five additional CREED awards were distributed for those presentations which best exemplified a CREED value.

  • Scholarship: Presentation with outcomes rooted in research and best practices. - Assessing and Training Departments on the Performance Standards for the University of Central Florida’s Cultural Comptencies by Rosemarie Timothy

  • Community: Presentation enhances UCF community by bringing groups together, bringing collaborations, strengthening networks. - Understanding Workplace Trauma by Lynell Hodge Creativity: Utilizes creativity in program/event/plan to increase engagement. Inside Out? Finding Joy by Anna-Bradley Lozier & Stephanie Hartkopf

  • Integrity: Shows ultimate integrity by introducing new ideas, programs, theories to support students and staff. - Implicit Bias: Why Should I Care? by Michelle Ku and Jeremy Foskitt Excellence: Going above and beyond to meet a critical need of students or staff. – Cultivating an Inclusive HSI Culture by Cyndia Muniz

A Golden Key Award will be given out at a later date for the best overall evaluated sessions after all the evaluations are calculated. The SDES INstitute is also proud we had 20 new presenters that had never presented at the INstitute before. We celebrate everyone who made the day a great experience for employee development.