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Pegasus Parent Program
Out of State Student Mentoring Program

Hello OSSM Parents!

Spring Break is upon us here at OSSM. After students come back from their break, we have some opportunities for them to participate in.

OSSM Day at Universal

The OSSM program will be taking a trip to Universal Orlando! We are providing FREE transportation and discounted tickets to all OSSM students. We want your student to tell us which park they want to attend. A survey has been sent to their knights’ email and we will provide discounted tickets based on the outcome. The event details are below! We hope your knight will attend!

Event Details

      April 8, 2017 10:00am – 9:00pm
      Islands of Adventure ($88 dollars per ticket)
      Universal Studios ($88 dollars per ticket)
      BOTH parks ($128 dollars per ticket)

OSSM Focus Groups

Help us improve the OSSM program!

We are hosting focus groups to discuss what the OSSM students loved about the program and what changes they would like to see. Encourage your knight to attend our focus groups and impact a significant change at UCF! If you knight attends the focus group, we will buy them breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Session Dates/Times

      Tuesday March 21st 11:30am-1:00pm (lunch provided)
      Tuesday March 21st 5:30pm-7:00pm (dinner provided)
      Thursday March 23rd 9:30am-11:00pm (breakfast provided)

Spots are limited so sign up fast!


Knight-Thon is a dance marathon and fundraising opportunity benefiting the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in the Greater Orlando area. Students will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising events leading up to Knight-Thon to raise money for children battling cancer. There is still time to join our OSSM Knight-Thon team and we would love to have your knight as a member!

Here's how to join the OSSM Knight-Thon Team!

      Go to this website
      Click "register as a dancer" the registration fee is $10.
      Click "search" under "Find a Team to join."
      Search for and choose "OSSM."
      Fill your registration information and pay the $10 fee.

For more information on Knight-thon visit their website.