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Signup deadline: April 18, 2017, Event Date: April 20, 2017. Click the above banner for more information!

Blindfolded Baseball for teams of 5!

Teams of 5 will play BLINDFOLDED. The bases and the ball itself make noise to aid players in manuervering the field without the sight.

Teams will receive points for making it to the base and for which quadrant a batted ball reaches. The person batting will be blindfolded and will swing at a beep baseball on a tee. The runner will also be blindfolded. Teams will play at least two pool play games then will be placed into a single elimination tournament.

To see how it is played copy and paste this url: for a very short video from the Unversity of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. UCF's version will be played outside.

To register click on "Read More" below: