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Student Development and Enrollment Services
Think Advising. Think Finances. Think Future.

Most undergraduate degrees at UCF require 120 hours. Taking 30 credit hours each year enhances the chances that a student will earn a degree in four years. The Think 30 campaign was created to encourage UCF students to complete 30 credit hours each year with the goal of a timely graduation that minimizes the expense of a college degree.

Students can spread their credits out throughout the whole year, including summer sessions. Or they can increase their load one semester to make time to work in an internship or study-abroad opportunity another semester. Think 30 will help students reach their goals early and save students and their families money.

To assist you to help reach your goals, think:
• Advising:
o Seek academic advising each semester and create a graduation plan
o Seek assistance and utilize campus resources when you need academic support

• Finances:
o Borrow only what you need
o Understand your financial aid package
o Create a budget

• Future:
o Obtain real-world experiences such as internships and research
o Get involved on campus and in the community
o Refine your resume and interview skill

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