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Pegasus Parent Program
A message from Career Services

Gaining experience with diversity and inclusion can strengthen your student’s global mindset, which currently is highly prized in the workplace. An ability to speak another language, a study abroad experience, or volunteer work with people who are different shows employers your student has an ability to understand and appreciate another culture. In turn, this provides them essential communication and teamwork skills necessary in all workplace environments.

A recent survey from Hart Research Associates in 2015 revealed that 96% of employers agreed that college students should be experienced with “how to solve problems with people whose views are different from their own.” Furthermore, they found that 78% of employers agree that students “gain intercultural skills and an understanding of societies and countries outside of the United States.” The most highly valued skills desired by employers were “written and oral communication, teamwork skills, ethical decision making, critical thinking, and the ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings.” Unfortunately that same survey showed that students felt they were more prepared with these skills and abilities than employers did.

Taking the opportunity now to seek out experiences with learning about, understanding, and interacting with diverse people and cultures can reward your student personally and professionally with the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the workplace. Career Services can help your student generate ideas to gain experience so that they may develop these skills and connect to employers! Visit the Career Services website for an overview of our services and programs as well as contact information.

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