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Sign up now for an affordable trip of a lifetime! Trip cost: $900 (does not include airfare), Trip dates: Dec.11 - Dec. 16, 2017

Sailing Adventure in the Bahamas is a 6-day live-aboard learning adventure.

The group (12-14 participants) will live aboard two sailboats as part of the crew with the captain and mate. As members of the crew, the group will take part in sailing the boat, navigation, preparing meals, and other activities needed to run the boat. No experience is necessary. We guide students in learning the skills needed to get the boat from place to place. Everyone will take part in hoisting, trimming and taking down the sails, steering, tacking, anchoring, navigating and general safety on board. Students can also learn to identify the abundant sea life and will gain a renewed appreciation for reef and ocean ecology. Students will have opportunities to lead the group and will gain experience with group dynamics, conflict resolution and problem solving.

*Flights are not included in the cost of this trip. Participants should not book any flights until trip is confirmed by Outdoor Adventure Coordinator.

For more information click on "Read More" below and scroll to the bottom of the trips page and look for
"Bahamas Sailing Expedition @Bahamas"!