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Student Academic Resource Center
Where can I find SARC?

Room: Howard Phillips Hall 113


Phone: 407-823-5130



Instagram: Instagram

Twitter: @UCFSARC


Resource Site:

When should you contact us?

Any time you have a question about our services, if you need a referral to another UCF resource, or if you need academic assistance of any kind.

What academic services do we offer and how should you know what one to use?

  • One-on-One
  • Group/Peer
  • Online
One-on-One (by appointment only)

One-on-One sessions are useful if you are looking for a personalized touch to your academic success. In this case, the Academic Coaching and Engagement Program, or a Learning Skills Consultation would be the most relevant service to utilize.

  • Learning Skills Consultation: Meet with a Learning Specialist to assess your learning strategies and develop a personalized plan for academic success. *This service is intended to be a one-time visit.
  • Academic Coaching and Engagement (ACE): Meet with a peer Academic Coach regularly throughout the semester to improve your academic game and stay on track with your goals. In these sessions, you’ll discuss a wide array of topics, from study practices to life skills, all of which are intended to assist in your academic and personal growth. ACE is for students looking for a more rounded experience to increase their academic capabilities.
Group/Peer (Walk-in)

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI): SI sessions are study groups led by an SI leader who has already successfully completed the course. During these sessions, students discuss difficult concepts covered in class, share notes, practice problem solving, and develop effective strategies to study and learn the class material. Statistics show that students that attend SI regularly earn a letter grade better than students who do not
  • Peer Tutoring: SARC offers free tutoring at three locations: SARC Lab (HPH 115), College of Engineering and Computer Science (ENG1 282), and Veteran Academic Resource Center (VARC). SARC tutors can help you understand concepts and suggest new strategies and approached to master the course material and prepare for exams.
  • Academic Success Workshops: SARC provides a semester workshop series devoted to improving study skills and refining the student approach to college-level learning. Topics include: time management, goal setting, motivation, power studying, preparing for final exams, and more.

  • OPAL: Online Peer-Assisted Learning (OPAL) allow students to attend a tutoring or SI session online. Students who are not able to attend in-person sessions can join an OPAL session from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer with internet. More information at
  • SARC Online: The site offers a variety of online tools and resources including a collection of printed materials, videos, and modules designed to develop critical college-level study skills needed to succeed academically at UCF and to assist students with topics related to specific UCF courses. SARC Online also hosts several study skills diagnostics to help students determine their strengths and their areas for improvement. Find more information here:
  • SARC YouTube Channel: This channel hosts a collection of short study skills videos which provide quick tips on topics such as test preparation, time management, and note taking strategies. SARC also livestreams through YouTube all final review sessions and academic success workshops, with recordings available for later viewing.