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Recreation and Wellness Center
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Win your chances at prizes for simply getting outdoors for fitness and fun! Click above to learn more!

The AORE (Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education) Campus Challenge 2019 is here!

What it is: A competition between universities around the country to see which school is the most outdoorsy!

How to participate: Download the Campus Challenge app to log points for outdoor activities [examples: go for a walk, climb at the tower, SUP at Lake Claire, go on a trip with us, etc.]
1. Download the "AORE Campus Challenge" App from your App Store
2. Go explore the outdoors
3. Upload, and log your pictures
4. Win PRIZES!!!

Why it’s going to be rad: You can win awesome prizes like backpacks and hiking boots by logging points or by attending our new outdoor workshops [we’re hosting a climbing technique class, how to SUP, and much more!]

When: The challenge is September 16-October 13, but you can sign up at any time by downloading the app as mentioned above!

New Opportunities for you: UCF Outdoor adventure has added new programs for the challenge to helop you collect points. Including:

Climbing Technique Workshop: September 22, 2019, 10am to 12pm at the Climbing Tower
Paddleboarding 101: September 24, 2019, 7pm to 8pm at Lake Claire
How to Plan Backpacking Trips: October 1, 7pm to 8pm at Lake Claire
Campfires 101 + S'mores Competition: October 3, 7pm to 8pm at Lake Claire
Can You Knot-Knot Tying 101: October 9, 7pm to 8pm at Lake Claire
Leave No Trace-Hiking and Sustainability Session: October 10, at 5pm to 6pm Location TBD

To sign up for any of the above programs click on "Read More" below, open up the external link, make sure to click on "instructional" and pick your class!